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Southgate Steeplejacks,  Steeple Anatomy
Terms for the parts that make up a steeple.
Most of New England's steeples consist of three or four primary parts. Lets use the Lexington steeple for an illustration.

Southgate Steeplejacks, Steeple Anatomy
Spire (or Dome): The spire is the highest steeple section and meant to in"spire" distant viewers. Spires may be square or octagonal, as determined by their lantern or belfry.

Lantern: Below the spire may be a lantern. Less than half of New England steeples have lanterns. They tend to be the most ornate section of any steeple.

Belfry: This section sits above the tower and houses the bell. The belfry may be open or enclosed by louvers, allowing the pealing of the bell to be heard. The structure that forms the belfry floor and tower roof is called the belldeck.

Tower: The lowest steeple section that rises out of the buiding is the tower. If a steeple has clocks, they are usually in this section.