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Choosing Restoration vs New

When deciding whether to build a new steeple or restore the old one, there are many factors to consider.

Is there grant money involved that requires restoration following the U.S. Secretary of the Interiors guidelines? What is the general sentiment of the congregation?

If your steeple is severely deteriorated, a new steeple may be less expensive than restoration. If you decide to restore a severely deteriorated steeple, it may be necessary to remove it to the shop for complete disassembly.

If you choose to build a new steeple, or to have your steeple re-built in the shop, then there will be far less on site construction. This will also eliminate on site lead paint hazards. On the other hand, you might want to have the on site construction since it can be so interesting to the congregation.

Less deteriorated steeples are usually best restored in place. In such cases, the most difficult decision is usually how to deal with the existing lead paint. (please see paint philosophy).

In general, whenever possible, it is best to deal with an entire steeple all at once. To restore a steeple in phases adds greatly to the total cost. This is true of most construction, but is especially true of steeples since the cost of gearing up to reach them is high. My advice to clients after conducting inspections is often the same. Wait until you have the money for a complete and top quality restoration. In the meantime, either do nothing, or do a “quick ‘n’ dirty’n’cheap” fix that will buy you a few years while raising money.