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Sash Restoration

It is our belief that the American Institute of Architects protocol for sash restoration is wrong. Below please find our method.

During removal we carve a label into the sides. At the shop, we remove ALL the glass for re-use as appropriate. We then strip ALL the paint, selecting from a variety of methods. We then make all repairs using epoxy as consolidant and as glue. Then we prime the entire sash with alkyd primer, being sure to include the glass rabbets, since glazing adheres better to a primed surface. When we re-glaze, we do NOT use glazing. Glazing begins to dry, shrink, and become brittle immediately. We use urethane caulk, a far superior product. Once the caulk has cured (3-5days), we apply the final coats of paint (usually2)
Installation usually includes the waxing of the frame where the sash move, and re-securing the weights. For the record, we can duplicate stained glass patterns as needed. We can also do lead mullion work.