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Most historic New England steeples are of Timber Frame construction. On restorations we are happy to use similar timber framing techniques. And we can build new timber frames. In general however, we like to use engineered lumber, standard dimensional lumber, and timbers, and steel, all joined where appropriate with custom made steel connections and bolts.
Bolted connect steel connections are far less romantic than a timber frame but have many advantages. First, they tend to cost less. Second, the bolts may be tightened up over the years, thereby keeping the steeple more stable. Third, such connections are more easily inspected in the future. Fourth, they do not trap water if ever there is a leak. Finally, such construction is more familiar to building inspectors, and therefore makes the obtaining of permits easier.
In some cases, we work with an engineer or architect, and in other cases we design our own structures. When working with an engineer, we like to have input on the design prior to the generation of drawings, since we know the easiest and most cost effective way to build steeples. When we design our own steeples, we generate our own architectural drawings with our CAD program. Feel free to ask to see a sample of our in house design work.