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Tower Flashing

Frequently, the roofers who install the main church roof simply nail their flashing onto the sides of the tower base, rather than putting it behind the siding as it should be. In such cases we remove the clapboards that intersect with the roof and nail the flashing to the tower sheathing. The clapboards close to the roof are subject to greater abuse due to the splashing of water falling from above, so these will be replaced anew with stock that has been back primed and end primed with penetrating primer. These new clapboards will be held a consistent 3/4" up off the main roof. Furthermore, any points on these clapboards that are closer than 16" on the front and back, and 6" on the sides will be attached not with nails but with #8 round head screws so that the next roofer can flash properly without turning the siding into hamburger as they are wont to do. Once the roofer is done, the clapboards may be renailed, and the clapboards touched up. We leave a sealed jar of paint for this.