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Transportation, Crane and Site Work

These are the only facets of our work that we hire out to other firms.

For transportation of existing steeples to and from our shop, or new steeples from our shop to the jobsite, we use our own custom made steeple moving trailers, and hire a local trucking firm for the move. We have shipped 70’ long 15’ wide steeples from Vermont to Massachusetts without incident, although the State Police are always curious and give us a thorough perusal.
For crane work, we have developed good working relationships with a few crane companies around New England. We always rig our steeples for lifting with our own slings prior to the arrival of the crane. Removal of old and rotted steeples is generally the most challenging crane work, since there always exists the possibility that the old steeple will fall apart in mid-air. We have become experts at this with no mishaps. The raising of new steeples is generally less stressful, since we know that our new steeples are strong enough to handle the lift.